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YomaBarr And that's how you do Satanic black metal, kids.
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H.L. CORPUS DIAVOLIS spread heavy and evil darkness with their black metal. The atmosphere is dense and crowned by occasional male choirs which sound like demonic monks. A serious and threatening album which represents perfectly the Satanic essence of black metal. Favorite track: Colludium.
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Ippocalyptica In honour of what 666 means to me today, and in the name of Lucifer, the most high and exalted, I had to purchase this unrelentingly intense black metal opus dedicated to His infernal ways. Apocatastase has the intensity of Antaeus and the occult vibe of certain tremendous Greek and American black metal luminaries, leading to the sonic equivalent of being processed through a wood-chipper being operated by Beelzebub in a bad mood. Is this original? No. Does it matter? Hell no! Favorite track: The dissolution and eternal extasy in the embrace of Satan.
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Apocatastase 09:36
Apocatastase Гърмят на небето тъпани Плющи къмшика на дъжда Душите ни слизат в бездната Мъртви води на вълни Огнени рани заливат Огромното небе издиша След песните иде смъртта Ден, не ще има вече И не ще има нужда От светене на светило Защото Той е Светлина. A word of doom Spoken by the mouth of all unholy prophets the end of history the time of separation the world is restored to its original state. A time of resolution With devotion and spells thou dost consummate thy rapture, The solemnity of the silence. So shall be it unto the end like the bitter separation of sun and moon after eclipse magnificent, exquisite, delightful conflagration rebirth in the grand light of Lucifer To speedily see Your mighty splendor, All ignorance to be removed from the land, To purify the mind from false belief to establish an un-world of non-existence Lucifer’s Almighty kingdom For they worship vanity and emptiness, and pray to a god who cannot save. Restitutio omnium quae locutus est Lucifer (Lucifer is the restoration of all things spoken)
Colludium 05:35
Colludium Tu es diaboli janua (You are the portal to the Devil) Tu es arboris illius resignatrix (You are the destroyer of The Tree) Tu es divinae legis prima desertrix (You are the first sinner against divine law) Persuasisti, quem diabolus aggredi non voluit (Persuading those that do not wish to turn to the Devil) Ubique Daemon (The Demon everywhere) Come forth bestial spirit From the black core of my heart I invoke thee The earth gapes cold before me I am thousands of feet tall A colossal monument My throat sings Deliriously symphonic A colossal monument Trembling pandemonium Mountains crush the horizon Triumphant, faraway in the darkness Only one star shines, Upon the Satanist’s dagger For the blood of endlessness Midnight crucified For the flesh of a stranger A comrade sacrificed Colludium, Delectationis innocentium (a secret pact, an innocent amusement) I took the drugs I was offered the horizon empties itself She enters my blood like a lover Time ceased to exist my hand slides in the night sky the black sea… to poisonous heights And when you peer into the hollow You can just about see the Beast Ave Ravenna (Byron wrote that the countess of Ravenna mailed him some of her pubic hair)
The dissolution and eternal ecstasy in the embrace of Satan Let me sing sweet songs of Satan Show me those never-ending summer orgies Soaked in wine and flesh perfume Let us be as we truly deserve it Our voices – the stones of your kingdom Our blood – the fire of your torch In gloomy glades we praise thy name In a perfect circle the words are spoken Let me paint those curvy shapes In the colors of my incendiary appetite Let the rituals be rightly performed With joy and beauty A feast for fire And greater feast for death There is no higher purpose Than the dissolution and eternal ecstasy in the embrace of Satan She lies in our garden of knives Purring cuntmilk In the cold earth beneath Beyond conscious flesh Beyond the eternal nightsky I rose, Flames of black inverted pentagrams And cut by the thirsty daggers The light crawls away With a broken spine The murder of creation The tabernacles crumbled in shame consumed by dishonor Existential parasites On a quest for emptiness Our dream Intoxicated not by drugs But by Satan’s spirit itself And powers greater than the greatness of death Wild in the moonlight With eyes aflame We fuck like goats And scream in frenzied extasy As the black knife Slits the given throat So the master can come Like nightfall Of blood and flesh To the Sabbath Sabbath, Makunaimà Maba Makui Maba Bury me unto Thy Glory Within the Secretest Chamber of the Palace I shall await the sword And bare my throat for the stroke Then shall my blood leap out And write my True Name in the sky Makunai Maba, Makuunai Sabbath Makunai, Makuunai
The Pillar Of The Snake He, whose emblem is Baphomet I worship with fervid devotion He who made Gods of our race The one Bearer of knowledge and wisdom Lucifer Bless the pillar of the snake In the mirror room of pandemonium Bless the pillar of the snake Arise! To higher power To higher self Arise! Sown, in litanies and howls Monotonous, Words of invocation Extend! … Echoing, infinitely in space gigantic cosmic structures slowly emerge from the light tremendous landscapes appear, astonishing pictures of the self the vision of inner architecture the very radiance of the soul Shines ! From the shadow of our smiles, We reach for him. As the night runs screaming, We whisper like knives Longing, Waiting for the pregnant moon to rise__ From the black of his eyes and the shadow of his smile We are reborn Dreaming Dreaming his name Father welcome home Come and manifest your Will Nail every Christ Crown every whore Great Satanic Smile Lilith Laughs Enthroned On the Open grave of Babalon. Inverted on the Crossroads of Faith Rises the Morning Star, the Essence of Eternal Ecstasy Ascend towards might Set the world ablaze Age of Truth and Triumph Time to contempt our reign Agelast arcane perfection Naked, Voluptuous, Proud
Triumphant Black Flame We exhale a cloud of astral-tainted drugs, As we push our way Into the fog’s grey pregnant womb Blind by dawn Brighter than the sun’s slit throat Upon the altar of infinite night Furious cloud-dreamers Rising above the fuming ashes of this celestial burial ground ancient symbols, a poetry full of grandeur; perfect science mind-bending arcane formulas insane planets whisper where the early stars are opening their jaws Radiant spectral gates unlocked kaleidoscopic fractal deities A triumphant sign A triumphant name... God vanishes Then You appear Crawling on this world Crowns of thorns Made of their veins My festering devotion Composes requiems My core is a black jewel A serpent dreaming forever In the bottomless pit of this wounded universe Who has never seen, what is made of smoke? Crawling out of this world…
At The Altar of Infinite Night O choir of mad starving vaginas in a phallus abattoir Now bring the end of Logos, There is no God but Goat EVOE HO, IACCHE! EVOE, I.A.O.! O.A.I EOVE EHCCAI! O.A.I I.A.O! (Shout from the Bacchants and Bacchantes to invoke Dionysus) I drink your dreams The ones above the heart Between your fiery breasts I dive inside your thighs I plunge the spear of my tongue thick fields of jewels spring forms of endless folds the blossom of perdition Dipping my bread in the guts of the innocent The ecstatic chant of their wound. those whose mouths are graves creeping like serpents shooting tongues toward Christ Bellum Omnibus Habentibus Anti-Luciferi Zelum (Guerre totale et sans merci contre ceux qui ont le zèle anti-Luciferien) A revel of senses An orgy of vision Chaos and decadence The Altar Of Infinite Night Bellum Omnibus Habentibus Anti-Luciferi Zelum


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It was in anno 2008 in the south of France when Daemonicreator & Lord Khaos formed the core of what is now called CORPUS DIAVOLIS.
The name stands for The Body of The Devil. The pleasures of the flesh. The aim is to satisfy one’s hunger for perverted and orgiastic distortion of time and space through extreme metal soaked in mystical ambience. To attain those vibrations of the soul that make us experience a higher state of existence. Daemonicreator is dedicated to the dark esoteric arts, and is founding member of the AMSG (Alliance Mystic de Satan Glorifié) organization which speaks through La Voix de Satan magazine.
Soon joined by guitarist Analyser and drummer King Had, Corpus Diavolis unleashed the “Nightsky Orgia” EP followed by their first full-length album “Revolucia” and a split with underground French black metallers Total Satan.
Initially inspired by Scandinavian hypersonic monsters such as Marduk, Dark Funeral, 1349 and Emperor among others, the band started a transition towards more atmospheric forms of black metal in the vein of occult and avantgarde masters NIghtbringer, Sinmara, Inferno, Acherontas…
Enriched by new blood, namely IX on drums and progressive bassist Funeral, the second full-length “Entheogenesis” brandishes the flags of the aforementioned evolution. Taking the perilous path of originality, the material uncompromisingly carries the savage winds of destruction.
Slowly erupting from the underground, Corpus Diavolis found themselves opening for cult acts such as Inquisition, Loudblast, Belphegor and Nightbringer.
Recorded and mixed by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate), the third full-length album “Atra Lumen” is a journey through the obscure unexplored galleries of esoteric metal. A ritualistic and ceremonial approach to Satanic syncretism unveiling hidden paths to illumination and spiritual consciousness. The music is more organic; slow doomy parts and avantgarde details enrich the primordial brutality of the band’s past.

Anno 2020 saw the construction of “Apocatastase,” recorded and mixed by George Emanuel (Rotting Christ, Lucifer’s Child) with cover artwork from Khaos Diktator Design, is the band’s most ambitious and grandiose project to date. The nakedness of black metal reflected in the mirror of the Devil. The ritual is undressed in the intense sophistication of a journey outside the reality of appearances.

The material immediately caught the attention of dedicated French label Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions and is scheduled for release in 2021 in a beyond-luxury box containing all paraphernalia needed for the ultimate esoteric listening experience.


released November 19, 2021

Daemonicreator – vocals, synthesizers
Analyser – guitars
Lord Khaos – guitars
Funeral – bass
IX – drums

Music – Corpus Diavolis
Lyrics – Daemonicreator & Funeral
Recorded by Daemonicreator
Reamping, Mixing et Mastering – Pentagram Studio by George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, Lucifer’s Child, Chaostar, Acherontas…)
Artwork by Khaos Diktator Design
Guest vocals – Haine (Antilife, Verlies, Níže – Ниже)


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