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Karv-den 05:42
dreist an oabl dreist an douar en tu all d'ar moriou o sturian hon anaon hirvarn o tech'hel rod vraz an egor skeud an trec'h warnan hag evit da gloar vrasan embregan a rez anezhi en da roll rak ar pennrener e enkorfez ha da gerniel da gurun eo hag eo hac'hanout an naer ma tec'hez hag holl da velu kenlodez en da feleurien o skuihlan bier evit an trec'her serzh o kas en-dra ar re trec'het d'ar vuhez aotren burzhud ar vuhez ha betek dilost an amzeriou aotrou a gedour childhouarn an dasorc'h keheladur gwasaat d'ar c'harv-den-splann rent ar vuhez da hon enebourien evit e hulmit adarre hon trec'h english translation: beyond the sky beyond the earth across the sea guiding our dying soul holding the cosmic wheel victoriously and for your greatest glory your command is at your please because you are the supreme leader and your horns are your crown and the snake your holding is you and all your power you share it with your faithfull men by pouring beer for the real winner and by giving back the lives of men defeated allow the miracle of life to manifest itself and till the end of time lord and watchman of the cauldron of the resurrection veneration pay hommage to the resplendant deer man giving back life to our enemies for our victory to come again upon them
Bleizken 05:35
o ren a-werso gant un droukspered o spontan ar maeziou euzhviled gwadsec'hedik an hurlink vraz e-pad an noz gant-se e kont ar mojennou suner-gwad el lugasenn a-dal da zrouklazherien o tiskulian o zu digalon en an hemloc'h-hont diwir ar gouezeri war-hed tenn evit arouezhiou-trec'h didalvoud ar vleizkenou o strewin ar maeziou met treuzvevet' neus spered ar bleiz an deiz ho tiskar a raio un tanva d'ho kagnou english trnaslation: reigning for a long time with an evil spirit terrorizing countries bloodthirsty monsters the great nightmare during the night thus tell the legends vampire in a drizzle in front of murderers revealing their cowardice in this unfair hunting savagery within range of fire for useless trophies the wolf's remains littering the countryside but the spirit of the wolf survived on the day of your decline he will taste your carrions
Argoat 05:09
aelad gwaskennus brizhheol divent ha tav diskhuizhus ket a ger dinerzhus goudor ar gwezviled meuriad tolzennek mont e hervez c'hoant an amzeriou skod hen linkr an tron peurvat e-leizh a grizennou meur a c'hantvedou a furnezh skevent diveuzhet eus an douar gwriziou don uhelder andor an avoultrenn andon an druzder disaotr hag en e blom englidh translation: oppresive silhouette immense shadows mingled with the sun and appeasing silence no depressing city shelter of wild animals massive tribe shifting as the season change old decaying strain the perfect throne many wrinkles several centuries of wisdom lung emerge from the earth deep roots, height shelter of the wild man source of fertility with balance without smear
Nozweler 06:11
edan ar stergan, edan al loar hec'h adskeudou disliv e tznvalijenn an noz du dall den-bleizh hudur o rodal den ebet ne glevo dit yudal drouksant tonket an denesadur an anken-noz marvel tostaat a ra loen ifernus a is-d'un ambroug-kavn logod-dall skleur ruz war-lerc'h barr ar gwez hepdale e wad evel un barr-glav e kreiz ul lostennad an dorgenn-fu oc'h enkorfan ar sovajerezh aergelc'h kanvus e kalon ar c'hoad du skeudou gourdrouzus ar saprenn arwarzh hag ar froud storlokus ar ster arc'hant evel harz emgav e lein ar grav gant arloup, skoet marv english translation: under the starry skies in the moonlight its pale reflections in the darkness of the deep night roaming, vile werewolf no one can hear you scream foreboding of the approach the mortal night-anxiety he comes to him infernal beast below the funeral procession of bats red glow behind the tree tops soon his blood as shower in the middle of an endless procession of abandoned hills epitomising the savagery dark atmosphere in the heart of the black forest threatening shadows of the charismatic fir and the noisy waterfall of the silver river as a border meets at the top of the side path with relentlessness, struck to death
Huelgoat 06:59
e donder kalon an argoad emen eo treuzneuziet an douar en ur barr-amzer mein stroll ramz en greunvaen dre vurzhud koad estlamm gwent an deliou marv e-harz ar c'hleger-hont un henved dreitsnatur milendall en tir an huderezh kavell lies litoriennou kelt hen goat hud goat faouenned hag dervenn o tronan war ar glasvezenn a-led edan ar saprenn ar man evel lienenn englidh translation: deep in the heart of argoat where the earth was transformed into a storm of stones grantle huge heap by magic fantstic beast the smell of dead leaves at the doorstep of this chaos an antique supernatural world maze in the land of spells cradle of many celtic legends ancient forest magic forest beeches and oaks majestic and sitting on the green places lying down under the pine tree foam as the sole shroud
Dishualder 06:39
seller a-gostiad hon toull-douar hakr ur bed diyac'h diwrizienn ha silwink ar stagell-kentan torr o tec'hel en torradur holl war-glask un dasorc'hidigezh an awen pagan un uhelskouer ur meulgan kentael un henvoazh hendael o tiwall hon anien gouez adkregin gant an dehentadur d'an dishualder adkavout an talvoudou gwir a-wechall yac'hussat hor c'halonnou dinaskan hor speredou lakaat hor sevenadur dileuskel o doazhadur kenreizhadur damvarv lidomp hon emsavadenn un urzh nevez hep chadenn embannet war emvod ar furien da-heul an diskar vraz klask goudor en andon evit adskrivan hon istor hag herzel ken linvadeg nes english translation: spectator of the sidelines of our terrestrial jail horrible, a filthy world without root and in unstable equilibrium the worn-out and broken essential link elusive in total break in search of a resurrection based upon pagan inspiration a perfecr model a primitive hymn an age-long tradition protecting our wild instinct returning to freedom recover the true values of the old days cleanse our hearts free our spirits impose our culture abandon their doctrine system dying let us celebrate our rebellion a new order without chains proclaimed before the assembly of the wise men after the great decline seek refuge to the original source to rewrite our history and hold out by the next flood
Duadenn 06:45
an hini o kantren en nec'h en an digavandenn un touellivadur gant an tenvalijenn o kludan war ar skourr youst o stlejan gantan ur vrud fall o kemenn an tremenvan evn du a ziougann fall da-heul un emgann vraz e tregern e garm sklas an hini o hentin ar mojennou gourhen en anken an noz a-zioc'h ar c'hoadou gleb english translation: the one wandering above an isolated place a camouflage with the darkness landing on the frail branch with a bad reputation annoucing death black bird of evil omen after a great battle his icy cry resounds the one haunting the very old legends in the fear of the night over the damp woods
Steuziadur 07:20
follentez droughirnezh drast dre-holl emlazh-stroll asgoulenn assevel ar c'hempouez hogen laoskel an enkrez ar c'hwec'hved steuziadur taer freuzadur serr-noz an denelezh engehenter ar gwasterezh en istor ar vuhez-douar denelezh en argoll dilost un haelded ha heson a-wechall denelezh henvelster a grizded dizeriet gant an arnevezded e-kreiz al lastezenn steuzian a ra an euzhden serr-noz an denelezh engehenter ar gwasterezh sed hoc'h tonkadur war vale d'ar steuziadur english translation: madness scourge of the time devastation everywhere mass suicide claim to restore the balance but sowing torment and agony the sixth extinction violent, collapse twilight of humanity bearing waste in the history of earthly life humanity in perdition the end of a nobility and harmony of old times humanity synonym for cruelty degenerated with this modernity in the middle of filth the human monster goes out twilight of humanity bearing waste here is your fate on the road towards the extinction
Arvestal 02:36
ho kevredigez peurvrein ar vuhez gouez blonset ra varvo ho ped heugus ha c'hwi ivez gantan war se e stoko oadvezh an den ouzh e finvez english translation: your completely rotten society bruised wild life let your disgusting world dies along with you so the human era is coming to an end


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Belenos’ new album. Out on September 20th, 2019. 300 copies. Co-production with Northern Silence. Pagan Black Metal. Three years after “Kornog”, an album dealing with the water element of Breton’s sea legends, “Argoat”, which means something like “land of the woods”, continues where its predecessor left off and focuses on the earth element – mainly local mystic forests, wild animals and Celtic gods. It is again sung in Breton. “Arvestal” is a metal interpretation of a John Barry song (The Persuaders – 1971)

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released September 20, 2019

Argoat was recorded between November 2018 and May 2019, as usual in an old school home studio.


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