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Grand Oeuvre


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Nuno Lourenço
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Nuno Lourenço There's a grandiose vibe in this album. Yet another fine demonstration of the contemporary prowess of the French BM scene.
This is epic, almost religious...
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bmurator Atmospheric Black Metal from France. If you like bleakness & obscurity from the get-go, if you like dark & foreboding, you need this! Grim guitars galore & fantastic instrumentation pervade the entire album. A first rate sonic experience! What a video as well! Favorite track: Grand Architecte.
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YomaBarr Occult, featuring contrabass and this sound, I'll be damned. Really cathedral. Also emotive af and simply beautiful. In the black metal way. Favorite track: Grand Architecte.
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Under the dark signs of the prior's illness, The harmful action of the flesh's parcel devouring gradually the nearby structures. One would have said that ambition and violence, So foreign to the religious nature, Had been entrenched in the recess of his body, From which they would finally destroy this man of goodness. Under the sign of Saturn Mercury dissolution Sulfur coagulation Under the scythe's light Time The path of sand Slow rivers The three main principles are the philosophical mercury sulphur and salt. The philosophical mercury is a liquid and a spirit which dissolves and refines the sun. The philosophical sulphur is fire and a spirit which destroys and colors the fire. The philosophical salt is a mineral a substance which congeals and fixes with the help of the Atmosphere. V.I.T.R.I.O.L Mélanosis
Caput mortuum The vessel stands in the center of a collision between the red king and the white queen. from the death of the two, and out of the beautiful collision, the perfected man is born. I am what is, and what will be, and what has been, No one has lifted my veil. The fruit I bore was the Sun He awakens to the desire to return to the earth and to fully incarnate his state of illuminated consciousness into the mind and body. fire, burning and vehement, as fusion, must be used to bring about a new coagulation of spirit and matter. The form in which the soul is caught must first be dissolved in order to free the soul so that it can rise to experience a purer and subtler form, which can then be re-coagulated and experienced as the "new self." Leukosis Iosis
The Star of Blazing glory in the centre refers to that great luminary, the Sun, which enlightens the earth, by its great influence giving blessings to mankind. Seed and source of all life and eternal life. They are situated East, South and West, And are meant to represent the Sun, Moon and the architect; The Sun to rule the day, the Moon to govern the night, And the architect to govern them all. Sun and Moon Ite Missa Est
As a primitive man strived to understand his place and purpose in the universe, the spiritual aspects of his existence. He progressively evolved his perception of a creator, a supreme being, the controlling force from which all things emanated and upon which they depended for their continuing existence. The dust shall return to the earth as it was, The spirit shall return to God who gave it. Guide us, Great God, in learning to truly live lives of illumination. The importance of developing consciousness, mind, and soul. Make us aware of our nature as moral beings. Help us see the benefits of education and knowledge. Great Artificer of the Universe, teach us how to use the three great lights to guide us in discharging our duty to You, to our neighbor, and to ourselves We thank You, O Father of Light, as we gather for food and fellowship, for the heritage we share. Lapis Ite Missa est
I, Thoth, the Atlantean, give of my wisdom,my knowledge, my power. O man, to the wisdom of magic. to the knowledge of powers forgotten. Unto thee, O man, have I given my knowledge. Unto thee have I given of Light. List ye, O man, hear ye my voice, Hear ye and list ye, O children of Khem, to the words that I give that shall bring ye to the light Ye know, O men, that I knew your fathers, aye, your fathers a long time ago. Deathless have I been through all the ages, living among ye since your knowledge began. Leading ye upwards to the light of the Great soul have I ever striven, drawing ye from out of the darkness of the night. List ye, O man. Take of my wisdom. Learn of the deep hidden mysteries of space. Learn of the Tought that grew in the abyss, bringing order and harmony in space. Natures of the Astral Tabula Smaragdina
I, of my own free will and agreement, in the presence of the Almighty Architect Poena The most solemn and sincerely promised swear, that I will hail, Never conceal, never reveal any of the secrets, arts, parts, point, of the One. Poena So help me One.


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Grand Œuvre, which could be translated both by the Great Work or the Masterpiece. A baptism above the font of arrogance or self-mockery for Triste Terre’s first album? Neither. An atmospheric black metal resonating from classical echoes of Bach’s darkest hours. After perfecting its style with 3 Eps, this band from Lyon,France doesn’t fear from aiming high with hieratic songs built like cathedrals of noble darkness. Inside vibratos of excruciating clearness and vast roarings worthy of a prophet shatter concepts and liturgies, always aspiring to higher spheres. Triste Terre is making there an occult and glorious offering

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released March 15, 2019

Music & lyrics : Naâl.
Studio : Studio Du Lac.
Record par Rob Carson.
Mix : Arnaud Menard. Mastering : Dave Otero
Artwork: Marianne Plasse


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