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II: A Material God


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Where once many a body flourished Endless fields of essence stretched to the azure aloft Stark hierarchies dictated what flock would propagate Or would in its stead subside Before a sharp flash of clarity transpired Urging one to rise amongst the growing crowds At its behest, those closest break rhythms of old And shattered once hallowed scripture Its shared effort spreads with expanding vigor As the collective’s produce far exceeds what it demands In one fell swoop the herd distorts And erases what had once incepted its being Risen to lords, to masters without bounds Those enlightened consume, expands with ever growing desire Subject all that might swarm to ensure its continuance And in the blink of an eye, has laid bare its inheritance Perpetually bleak fields now retch with civilized waste As thick blights soar and forever seal the skies The acid seas melt away fortresses of ages past As sightless eyes fixate on the next frontier
Settled on its crystalline carbon throne This solemn entity dines in halls immaculate Its palace raised on the shrines of champions The collector, crowned victorious through ruthless strife From depths afar arises another conqueror Whose avarice reciprocates at the peak of wealth The adversaries stretch their palms out to the heavens And state their decrees in booming unison Where ten are wretched, one could flourish For any one’s desires, a hundred should famish Gorge upon the prole, for this greed is vicious and fierce Let the masses wither; all shall perish for our greater good Prosper to consume, for to consume is to prosper Strive to be, for to exist is only to seek incessantly Our utopias shall arise from a million shallow mounds From seas of broken bones, silhouettes bared on altars of gold The overarching cosmopolis convulses As it boils with rapacity spread vigorously Distant desires are collectively deemed void As once converging lineages feed the ever-burning fires And the collectors eagerly inhale the rising opulent black smog
A blend of concrete and steel grasps at the endless skies above Insides churning with effort to transcend the void below Amongst the havoc, a motionless husk that once was breathing Its detached tomb has arisen between four walls Surrounded with the pillars That used to constitute a life A former place of structured harmony Has come to deconstruct its architect One of many, yet significant to none It rots above as it would have, below Once animate structures come undone As flesh liquifies amongst brittling bone These final moments Solitary, bleak without bounds Withering remains crawl Evaporate through the cracks Until the confines start to bloat, Become drenched with liquid death Its produce takes to the ether To blend with the pure night air As the sulphurous stench of anaerobic breath Reveals a collection of solitary graves
Inertia 06:22
In the swarming streams, amidst the surging masses A drought arises as famine slowly spreads its wings To where day after spoiled day was plucked Hanging, from the corrupted and withering tree of ancestry Feeble and swirling minds in the eternal ebb and flow Of a populace that is to drown in the approaching floods A momentary lapse of judgement would have brought resolve But its flame quenched as acutely as it was kindled As without a second judgement, virtues fade once more To merge seamlessly with the ever-lost past A watcher silently observes the spectacle Its weariness bolstering with every passing flare The darkness usurps every last trace of light As sight progressively wanes with the choking blaze A wave penetrates, followed by a transient grasp Before eyes avert and contempt returns in silence As the seconds trample one another Once precious minutes evaporate Sequential hours are lost And clot into days The seasons merge into years Constitute the crawling decades As our mortal coil flickers Then slowly quenches
Ritual 04:15
It worships steel, aluminum and graphene conduits It glorifies mirrors that guide streams of binary light It adores the ciphers spewing forth at relentless velocity And follows the path laid bare by unseen insight O father, its plea is ever heard, bathe us in thy omniscient light! O lord, produce of many our generations, Shower us in thy pristine shafts! Your blood, it is the inception of our resolve The purpose that upholds our continuance Take what is ours and let it fuel your entity Usurp our will into your immaculate being Raise your idols higher with every passing day For we may not ever avert our focus to what lies beyond Spread your scripture to the far edges of our world For none in existence should remain in ignorance of your word Temper what once spread warmth through our shared veins For we should no longer want for antiquated virtues Praise the million names of our material god! Praise the million names of our material god!
Ruin 05:59
Here it stands in utter denial Stranded where opinion trumped fact Lost amongst the ruins Where all hope was abandoned It collectively celebrated Those who proved least competent Degenerates in adoration of being force-fed With cravings for quantity over quality Why adopt the burden of another, When one might bathe in profusion? Why end this lineage, If continuance bears such gratification? An ever-waltzing marriage of illiterate minds Dancing in dissonance, flowing with rhythm nor melody Passing down an ancient message Its content shred with every passing cycle
Brood upon brood Tears at its own flesh Extracts bone after organ after blood To unveil what hides within The hivemind expands Consumes breath upon breath Bathing in seas of abandoned dreams Its structure ever faded into obscurity The introversion of sacrifice With time renounced Of values deprived Suppressed in nature Through peer and artificial myth A self-administered chokehold Brings greatness through incessant offering And eternity through selfless extermination Towards the next frontier! Towards collective synthesis! The line between one and any Gradually, irrevocably, blurs And the future Shines ever so bright


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WESENWILLE is a black metal band featuring members from Grafjammer, Verval, Weltschmerz and Wrang. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, this duo focuses on delivering black metal with a modern approach. Stylistically, WESENWILLE’s music offers a balanced mix of pure dissonant aggression and more contemplative atmospheric, but rarely consonant passages. Musical influences can be found in the realms of Deathspell Omega, Imperial Triumphant, Svart Crown, Svartidauði and Ulcerate.

The full-length debut I: WESENWILLE was composed and recorded in-house between 2013 and 2017, mixed and mastered by JB van der Wal (Dool, Lugubre, ex-Aborted) and released under the wing of Redefining Darkness Records (USA) on April 27th, 2018. The album features a selection of original modern photographs and is currently exclusively available on 6- panel digipak CD format.

In July 2020, WESENWILLE finished work on their sophomore full-length album II: A MATERIAL GOD. This record brings a strong mix of unrelenting and dissonant black metal with ample room for groove, atmosphere and experimentation. Compared to I: WESENWILLE, everything has been taken a notch further. Aggressive bursts are even more unrelenting, and atmospheric passages have been given more room to develop. With the incorporation of even more diverse musical influences, this record truly shows what WESENWILLE is capable of delivering.

This time around full production was in the hands of JB van der Wal, whose signature sound is unmistakably heard on II: A MATERIAL GOD.

During live sessions WESENWILLE is assisted by experienced performers M. Ruijgrok (Wrang, Weltschmerz(live)) and N. van Noort (Gizah, ex-Divine Sins).

As regards lyrics, WESENWILLE deals with the development of technology and societal structures, and their continual transformative effect on human social interactions and values. The term WESENWILLE originates from Ferdinand Tönnies’ work “Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft”, in which it is described as the natural will that drives communities towards common goals, as opposed to the more selfish rational will, which predominates in larger societies such as the ones we live in today.


released March 12, 2021

R. Schmidt – Composition, lyrics, guitars, bass, vocals
D. A. Schermann – Drums
All music written and performed by Wesenwille between 2018 and 2020.
Lyrics by R. Schmidt.
Photography: ‘Wall Street’ (1915) by Paul Strand
Layout design by Derek Holzer

Recorded and mastered at John-Bart (JB) van der Wal home studio

Wesenwille is:
R. Schmidt: composition, guitars, bass, vocals
D. A. Schermann: drums


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