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Chaotic, trust us Beast of prey, covered with gasoline Burned witch, a last swedish matchstick Hail the black concrete Sacred Serum, hostile rituals with caustic soda Eptagram as a dogma Negative mantras : The noble art of the prosthetic smile Get ready for the primal bad trick Worship the Void, De Vermis Mysteriis, It's 1 for the sins / And 2 for the Worm 3 & 4 : rusty craddle / 5 stands for the bliss / Jettatura 6-6-6 Golden powder, VIP room and toxic drinks Black procession, cursed cultists ; Heirs of the sect Ceremonials, devilry with black wax, cruel charm Deep betrayal Resolving problems with a nailed bat It wants some curse on your passions It has some patience for your decay in the basement A pack of hyenas shows no compassion A grand silence faces no defiance Get ready for another bad trick Worship the Void, Omen of bad luck It's 1 for the Flies / And 2 for the Rat 3 & 4 unfaithful prayer / 5 stands for the bliss / Jettatura 6-6-6 B movie, X rated, Goat head above the great castle Howling monkeys, 6 trick dice, Blazing curse and king ov rats Demonium, black rites And tyrannic remnants Intoxicated with the sacred Lamb Spit on the cross, on the Testaments Great inferno on your nation It is obssessed by the trinity and the triumph Our pack of hyenas shows no compassion Your grand silence faces our defiance Get ready for the last bad trick We hail the Void, Unhallowed be thy name It's 1 for the sins / And 2 for the Vultures 3 & 4 : rusty craddle / 5 stands for the bliss / Jettatura 6-6-6
He had to specify his own meaning of vendetta He had structured his mind as a complex equation to avoid the fall He had discovered the true faith between the holy legs of a slut And extended his level of intellect above Satan He closed his fist to relieve pulsations and the tremor He'd seen a vulture and his clan yelling “tonight we eat thy flesh” The scarlet rain offers him the crown He's now the monarch of nothing, nothing, nothing... He prayed six times, with fever, he wrote the Theory of Hail An antique hex of dominion, where there is no reward... The Hail Whispered... I am Dominance, I am thy enemy, I am treachery, Fall for your Sins Here is the Crown, Now go forth conquering, And to conquer. He will raise and conquer And he will march for glory And she will fall for our sins March for the Hail, treachery, She will fall for our absolution We opened the ancient golden scroll and found the theory of hail This antique hex of dominion, it unifies the herds Grant us your sight Give us peace Let us touch the infinite Now the Hail is our Queen
Woven Woods 06:18
Mother I'm lost in these woods Father I can't even find the bright star Omen, Coven, I'm starving in these woods Woven Now, I can hear the Hail Lurkers enter the woods, Imbued by red They crawl, those woven roots, Like soaked hair Let's hunt the faith seeker Prowl under the moss Devours the fawn Above their heads, a crown of coal Woven bones and petals In the woods, twin Worms beat both the Lamb and Satan... Oh...Woven woods Their eyes are sewn Hail hyenas, Hail scavangers They swallowed the moon The pale, the dark, woven worms Gnawed the night, gnawed the dawn Woven corpses, Fallen heroes, Pierced plexus, Bliss, Salvation The white worm vomited blood, the black one shines like fire, They roams in the woven wood, wrapped in the darkness Where even the flowers don't bloom And they shine in the grand clearing, And I bleed, a first and last flowering I am reduced to dust
Stucked in a swarm, a torrent, coward, dust and bones We are wretched, the kind your folk ignored A pact of rancid submission : lost and dishonored We swore an oath to the Swamps, Dominus Vermis Rex Inertia, asphyxia, witchcraft with tibias, hemotoxic trials Drown the Divine , expiate, only our Lord forgives Gracious fermata, in the cryptic fog Deep in the dirt, we found the Holy Ones We are wretched Under the dome, we found the blight, Sepulcher of the Worm, where the primal star lies Our psalm lurks through gutters, where the Monarch haunts Supplication for the Rat King's rise, the Rat King's rise Vermins - pray - Kneel Lava – Shall - Dry We come, We breed : We Live Swarm - Shall - Rise As we entered the garden of ivory rust Palace of bones, tower of skulls, golden crowns We are the wretched, and cursed to the spinal cord We swore an oath to the Swamps for the Rat King's dominion Stillness of asphyxia ; hemotoxic trials Burn the Divine , expiate, only the Void forgives Odious fermata, in the sacred land Through the Void, we found the Holy Ones We are Wretched Above the dome, we'll find the Light Sepulcher of the Rat : where our primal star lies The monarch's graveyard governs your mind, trough the spine, hear the Chime, Supplication for the Rat King's rise, the lava dries
O M E N 06:32
A mourning sun Bitter hail, some summer rains Drowned in bloody mud, She lingers : the Omen of Betrayal... She's the knife and the Augur Pierced bowels and pretty smiles We, black mass of leftovers Decrepit crowd, we fear no rites She is legion Castle of bones, cathedral of sand Nose broken with a wooden bat And the jaw split in half : observe the ritual A black marble statue stands in the middle Cold stone effigy, pestilence irradiates At night, right at the street corner Maybe you'll have a glimpse of Satan A pile of shards, some broken glass Crown of feathers, for the betrayal And if she commands to cut your own throat Do it Though all men do despise her With some cyanide and bactine Forget it But she will call your name, again and again, and again We mixed the card game Unveiled the true Queen of Diamonds Fragments of treason, in the shrine of fall She's the knife , the harbinger Pierced bowels, pretty smile May your hope be buried in the holy ground, Test your faith in her verses and her voice A metaphor ; self-annihilation Under the scarlet temple, great revelation I saw through her lovely smile A three-eyed skull, the Mourning Star Though all gods do despise her We shall unveil this Omen


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VƆID stands for VOID, and is a black metal band formed in Nantes (France) in 2012. They play sharp black metal and evil rock n’ roll, blending frozen tremolos with catchy and agressive riffing. Most of songs are dealing with unholy phenomenons, occult rituals and conjuration of hidden deities spawned by the Great Void.

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released October 4, 2018

O.: Guitar
C.: Guitar & Backings
P.: Bass
J.: Drums
C.: Vocals up
Artworks: Came : Roy de Rat

Registered and mixed at Brown Bear by Arthur LAUTH / Mastered at MasterLab Systems by Ronan CLOAREC / Lyrics by Camille ROUDIER
Artwork : Came : Roy de Rat


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