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bcb723 I heard this a year ago, as the pandemic was taking over & honestly could not get into the direct lyrical content as it hit a little too close to home at the time (Sample lyric: "Alas, your hour of judgment has come/The world you have lived in is done.") Now listening a year later, it's like watching a black & white movie turned to color. "Kenoma" is heavy atmospheric black metal that really deserves more recognition. Pain & beauty with just flat-out thoughtful lyrics. Glad I listened again. Favorite track: Under A Lightless Sky.
The Disillusioned One
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The Disillusioned One Wasting no time whatsoever barging through the gates, here be anger and intensity. Here be Weltschmerz fueling indignation, critical thinking eloquently poured into acerbic, (hopefully) thought-provoking lyrics. But also... beauty. Favorite track: Under A Lightless Sky.
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Darknight Excellent black metal which has intensity,atmospheric parts crawling with darkness but also covered in light and beauty. Favorite track: Under A Lightless Sky.
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Kenoma 10:57 video
You have squandered everything out of ignorance or apathy. I tried to wake you and now you are faced with an endless regression. I tried to warn you in the middle of this delicate path for a future dominated by the embodiment of emptiness. I have seen an age of suffering. A rise of tensions marked by warfare. An exercise in anger. I am the enigma of chaos. Another prophet shaping a worldline. Invoking the apocalyptic divergency. Now uchronia consumes everyone. Time will devour us all, gluttonous of everything. Alas, your hour of judgement will come. The world you have lived in is done. We become limitless once we realize we are compelled by the wheel of life. True existence means we can grow infinitely. But in an age of change dark energy can dwell gloriously. With an open mind, mankind will reach divine states of totality. So push the sky away and you will see how the universe moves like atoms in you and me.
Serpentine 05:55
Welcome me with open arms. Wear these wounds with dignity. It is the bringer of light, the whole of creation hidden inside. In my dreams snakes surround me. As they bite me, the light of nature leaves my body. A trapped spirit inside uniting darkness and light. We have watched ourselves through the flames of the black sun. And we have purified our state and it tasted divine. A serpentine coloured key saved all of our lives. A serpentine coloured key was the first step towards light.
Silently fade in the seams as hunger banished the meek. Preservation clouded by fear and greed. This poison is human. Moon weave a path out of your silver tears. Blind echoes in the darkest night. Kindling my fear of shadows looming. a ravening malicious beast designed to kill. testing a victim so it can see our vulnerability. sheltered in the forest you lure me in. the night will swallow the sun. giving birth to a brand-new dawn. solitary chants beneath the steeple. through gritted teeth i am howling at the dark goddess. holding her breath. the tortured monster. its carcass put on display. the poisoned mothers and spring-born litters dying in their dens. how could we mercilessly bring atrocity into this place. a reborn native from the old north entering our brave new world. a reborn native roaming our streets for the first time in over a century. we have doomed you not for what you really are but for what we have perceived you to be. the epitome of ruthlessness. a scapegoat for our own sins. sharing our territory with an apex predator. a recipe for hostility. your future remains uncertain. silently fade in the seams. silence i have known too well. as hunger banished the meek. hunger i have known too well. preservation clouded by fear and greed. silence i have known too well. this poison is human
When the trees breathe smoke and bleed fire in the land of drought. Stripped of their honour and dignity with a mirage they called home. Any sense of courage beaten out of them over and over again. Through sandstorms and extreme conditions under a lightless sky. Trying to find shelter by crossing the minefields and razor wire fences. When hope is more powerful than the sea in times of unsafety. A long-lasting reality when you survive, a fate worse than your own death. Neglected, of no value at all and easily left behind. Aversion, the loss of humanity, immune to the agony. We will carry this fire together. We will burn. When you are aching in every bone in this city of thorns. Forced to fall asleep to the sound of a thousand weeping voices. We lose touch with reality when we are chasing the golden dream across the sea. Robbed of everything, surviving day by day in a decrepit wasteland. Lack of space to feel anything. No time for sadness or grief.
Absent 07:01
Cast your light upon me, child of virtue. Lead, lead me towards the garden of eternal sin. Take me back to the fall of man. Heart of darkness. Blindfolded, carrying a torch in a maze of moral twilight. Feed me, teach me the ways of the invisible realm. False gods are stretching across the sky. But snakes like us, we are sentenced to this. This white fog inferno. I sense a violent conspiracy around me and within me. I’m a pilgrim’s shadow wandering through the afterlife. Destroy me, destroy me, redeem my soul. Sterile wastelands as far as the eye can see. This king must die for spring to come. We are crossing rivers towards death’s other kingdom. Heaven nor hell would have let us past its gates. The wilderness had whispered its deepest secrets to me. But it only echoed loudly within my hollow chest. Lost souls lift your veil. Your egos burn with greed and indifference. We live as we dream. We’re all alone.
Amor Fati 06:14
I can’t sleep. These needles, these needles and pins. In my eyes, in my skin, in my mouth, slowly. In my arms, in my legs, in my feet, piercing. Opening up is a painful deal, a deep-seated fear. But I must endure creating something new, something real. Blossom into this world with regained strength. Focus on the seeds of success. New values crawl under my skin to overcome these burdens placed upon me. I was so blinded by loss, so overwhelmed with the mental cost. Hunger, pain, war, death, rape. How can this be a better way? Cast stones upon me, bring me hardship and pain. A slave of a will to nothingness, a rebellion to life. Small man, the last man, creating his soul. Beings of light are penetrating our minds like needles awakening our intuition. Are we awake? Then this is where I shed my skin and leave this world I was born into. But I’m still struggling to let it in, believing sufferance will serve us well. Embracing life should give me energy.
Pleroma 02:57


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Sons of a wanted Man is a blackened post-metal band from Belgium that saw the light of day at the end of 2014. Throughout the last couple of years, the band has invested heavily in finding their own voice by embracing boundless creativity and approaching everything with an open mind. Combining the different musical backgrounds of its members, they quickly gained positive attention for their fearless yet coherent experimentation with genres. The result is a refreshing take on heavy music that incorporates the melancholic atmosphere of post-metal, the rhythmic intensity of black metal, the layered approach of shoegaze and the ethics of hardcore punk. The sonic evolution of the band is clearly observable when listening to their past releases and is further consolidated in their debut full-length ‘KENOMA’. This release fully shows the diversity in their writing and their ability to capture both light and darkness in dynamic songs that often shift from eerie to uplifting in mere moments.

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released February 7, 2020

Artwork by Cold Mind


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