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Oblivion: The Forthcoming Ends


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Those days are gone And thus assert an era of disease and abandon A living suffocation, a prodigy of loss Contaminating the harvest and the soil and its worms Those days are gone And nothing here remains but vacuity and lie No inspirations of temples, nor reverence for their roots The walls we raised are down, insanity unbound And now a vermin hold our throne Spreading the seeds of ruins like gifts for promised dawn A monarchy insane, degenerate sycophants All these devoted soldiers of an army with no name Those days are gone We’re witnessing an era of disgrace and disguise An eerie fascination, the morbid symphony A choir of insane legion burst into an hymn of praise Lower, lower Haunted we stand in our fortress of knowledge, The final stronghold of the braves Erode by surge of cunning treachery We raise the banner relentlessly Gather round the pyre, The solemn deeds of the chosen, raised in devotion Invisible guardians on the roads of purity Humbly bearing the Light of Great Beyond Divine orphans in our days of resignation Nothing can flicker the black mark from below Then a whisper became a chant Coming from nowhere Deafening the land Taking of breathren away The majestic work, drained with our blood A castle made of words In a breath turns to dust Bringer of the flame, rulers of despair Riders of malicious trails We are the many faces of weakness Saviours of your lies, builders of false pride The shield before your eyes We were the Truth, the Right, the Holy And the chant became a praise Coming from nowhere Deafening our land Crushing our breathren again The majestic work, drained with our blood Last sigh of a world Tormentor of grandeur The majestic work, drained with our blood We buried our black hearts in the shroud of past Dismantle the vaults in the temples of greatness Forgotten palladium We’re gazing around the ruins of our time and the swarm Experience the art of dying, far from glory Fall from grace Far from glory, fall from grace Now we know the agony shall last And scorching prayers shall abase In this fraud of a cure now we see why we flee the herd of the lambs We were giants Far from glory Fall from grace
Cold warmth prowls on the soil made of flesh Unusual forest fill the sight of everlasting grave Do you hear the sound of the fallen sun Have you ever dream it cracked down on the earth Exhale all lie and bow down before the herd The final dogma pieces marble arch Have you ever feel the urge of annihilation And pray for a kind to end in black seas and grey In the sky their wings enbrace the bitter drenched fields Uproars, now ghosts of a time that past will bury in shame Mass grave vultures over the pestilent haze The rejects of a depraved order Obedient generals leading an army of flesh Omens of renewal are feasting on fear and cowardness and lie False idols of clay corrupted and infected Rivers of salt scattered on bloodless rights Feeding exaltation of void Last outburst of agony, last prayer to the sky Feel the strength Feel the end is near and wish for nothing to stand Cause we fail We’re dead, yes we’re dead Cleansing ! The skies turn red, the clouds breed grace A blowing wrath swells Wide open wounds spitting lava blood oi Martyrdom sculpted in times Engraved with nails in the marble of decline, gangrene and disaster Obliterate till the soul of this obvious failure Enraged Irrationnal hate will bring a new dawn of mind A new era of dusk Seeker of light, inner essence of conscient war Enslaved Cause in the end Weakness prevails Here is the truth of a failure endless Cold warmth prowls on the soil made of flesh Unusual forest fill the sight of everlasting grave Come now the conjuration of ancient memories The ghosts obnoxious, the pyres of vanities Always they’re swamped to the waters of decay Ravishing light and eternal majesty A breath of stars that expires in suffering In nothingness, in felony Embrace of black wings upon mass grave aesthetic Testimony of unknown deity
In the deepest of the black, I made a dream Where a wolf transcend a crown and a lamb reach out the limbs Masses, furious disease since the dawn of the Ages Belched out their pride and glorified the one who ride with Light Hail to blood ! Hail to worms ! In the joy of downfall of this land, breed the blinds And their thurst for deposition of Man Blessed be blood ! Blessed be worms ! From the sewers of the mind to the towers of enshrine The mire of our world leads the pilgrimage of the herd Hail to blood ! Blessed be worms ! From the sewers of the mind to the towers of enshrine The mire of our world leads the pilgrimage of the herd Come the eternal winter, an icy era of dirt A cold embrace of the land for hatred to rebirth In the brightest of all truth I chased a doubt Look how it grows And in the cradle of shame, how it builds a fortress of claws Damn you ! Damn you all servants of Light ! For your eyes you lost in divine The grey finery of sin, dark line in the middle of hope You’ll fall in shafts of oblivion, Forever lost by the greed of your absence And staring at this circles Breathing sweet fragrance of pain I will lay down to the marble scriptures Of a future to slain Damn you all servants of Light ! For your eyes you lost in divine The grey finery of sin, dark line in the middle of hope You’ll fall in shafts of oblivion
There’s a place, ethereal reverie Blank canvas in my head A landscape to awake O wiseman speak to me, of aeons and sparks you’ve breath Of cosmic blazing inception and monument of the humble “Abandon the land & the disease within Distrust what they call Light, vacuum as policy Follow different paths, he said, and in the darkest place you’ll find, a gift of might there stands” Inhale the essence of the soul Corrupt the conscience till it drowns Summon the grief and the rage I carved In the circle of funeral wake Seeking the Black, the rival self I reach the shores of hopelessness I roamed the skies, wandered in times I rode horses of fury in their battles with storms We chased a blaze in the passing of dimensions, It wondered my roots with an insight of its expense Then, I met the true king of inner worlds, He forged a conscience and a dome, Some arrows for my bow I climbed the cliffs, surveyed the abyss Seeking for plains of farewell that wisedom breeds Walking with scorn, hiding by thorns The light, it pursued my trails But I take the furrows, the furrows of hate There’s so many dusks and splendours unknown In the the furrows of hate A wiseman told me : “Forsake the world, enter the realm of despair You deserve a rest, a haven for your burden.” Forsake the world
Down in the centuries, wanderer I survey the echo of slaughters On the wings of stars, in the dark valley I fear no harm, I’m a ghost of time Bringer of deceit, the prophet of truth Keeper of scriptures of a god unknown Walking with shadows of a pestilent circle Facing the tempest beyond I preach a land of no salvation No breath of life for this unbearable mankind Of barren grounds and dessicated roots There scars of fire of a long gone world The memories of times as a voiceless grandeur Walking with shadows of a pestilent circle Facing the tempest beyond This is no land for the rest of soul Forthcoming ends on the way to Chaos Surrounded by aeons stride Wisdom eternal light Just a dust in the cosmic map Erased by a wholesome wrath Genocide Suicidal lust Drown in the void Surrounded by eaons stride Wisdom eternal light A simple dust in the cosmic map Erased by a wholesome wrath Blinds leading blinds in the vanity of the slavery An ending in despair as the axiom of humanity Somewhere a seed already breeds the disease of a new civilisation, a new herd to asserve and a new world to order Walking with shadows of a voiceless circles Facing the tempest beyond Facing the tempest beyond
Walls are high in their kingdom of blinds And their souls and their mind relentlessly grind Corridors collide in the swarm of demise Architecture of madness and pure deviant laws Repelling of vapours of unholy rejects And walking like wraiths in pandemonium insane A millions of crowns for a thousand of kings Coronation of beggars that no one will see In the middle of this nightmare, Rise the voices of sham A procession of the wises, dead clows in disguise Self worshipping temple, in the name of disdain Setting fire to their cage, lost shelter their claimed Sing the praises of lambs Join the dance and rejoice for this world is a shame Embrace the deads Feed yourself of their rotted entrails Among the ruins of a long gone haven We stare the well of instinctive desillusion Blood for blood For the idol to please Infectious wounds On the path of eternity Open the doors of the void, behold the walls Decline is yours, the sculptures evolve Purity of marble and blackness ebon Enter the halls of museum of species undone A shrine made of bones Images around speak the fate of a kind A silent agony in time Moribund denying the unction The prophecy of endless fall Climbing the mountains of woes Carrying a burden, the burden of sorrow Of tears and deceit, and aeons of war Walking like cripple under the thunder of scorn The sons of knowledge The true heirs of time Answers to the unknown Blinded by the shining rays of gold In a breath of a forgotten realm, a perfection erased Pathetic rats, Wretched lives Pathetic rats Wretched lie
A heavy rain is gonna fall From the black clouds of anger Irrigate the fruitful land As blessing of the righteous water of Death The path of suffering Adorn with woods everlasting A forest of redemption Gather round the pyre, the strain of fate What goes around comes around Dancing over the ground The words beyond mountains and seas Uproars of a dying ideology Asphixiate a seed Buried in ashes, ignored but waiting The scourge of a new dawn, The banner of Grace Relentless, unforgiving, the stricken arise What goes around comes around Dancing over the ground New chapter for us to write Some kings and a rope Their crowns ‘round the throat A revolt Their scornful towers of Light, Blinding temples of decline South heading compass, Leads us to the depths In sacrifice, with blood comes glory No monster, no hero, a struggle unholy Just a world to erase In your palace precious The beacon of zealots and fools Witness the unseen wrath above Hang them ! Hang them all ! Can’t stand no more those pigs and whores Crush them ! Slay them all ! Along the roads of salvation, potency grows blue flowers of war A land of fallen almighty ones Heralds of a tyranny far too long suffer But in the inner essence of Man, a shadow awaits Deep down in masses weakness The rivers of madness sweep the Hope away Wilder than the wildest beast A monster earn a halo Once again we’ll have to bow, Once again we’ll have to acclaim Ruination for horizon A eerie fascination for a yawning chasm of fire Tyrants, helots, sycophants and belligerents A land of desolation fill the sights of desperate souls The seeking of a shelter, last pilgrim in the fog A quest, a graal of blackness A place, a rest for darkness Far from sickness, I reached a mountain There stands the ancient memories The wisdom of an old age Sealed by time and dust Drowned in the darkness, I laughed on downfall Wishing for eternal season of gallows


Long lasting side project, Adoperta Tenebris is a one man band founded around the year 2010, maybe earlier. Eventually, the first album was released in 2017 under the name of “Perdition: The Path of Agonies”. Deeply influenced by Scandinavian Black Metal scene of the 90’s and incorporating some Death Metal elements, this album is a piece dedicated to fast tempi and melodic guitar work. “Oblivion: The Forthcoming Ends”, the second album is released under the banner of ‘Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions’ in the end of 2021. Refining the process of writing, yet raising the riffing work to the high ground, this album marks a new step for the project with the addition of several guests and a more massive production.


released November 5, 2021

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nerik at Darkened Studio

Music and lyrics by Adoperta Tenebris

Äzh (Natremia, Defenestration, Lunar Tombfield) – Session drummer

I (Incipient Chaos) – Guest guitars on “The Season Of Gallows”
III (Incipient Chaos, Malkavian) – Guest bass on “The Season Of Gallows”
R.R. (RLHT, Inside We Die, Tromatized Youth) – Guest voice on “Vultures over the mass grave”
Mephisto (Natremia) – Guest voice on “In Our Mazes”
Cäme (Vcid, Incipient Chaos) – Guest voice on “A Farewell To Hope”
T.C. (RLHT, Sang Froid) – Guest voice on ” Utter Manifest”

Cover photo by Dina Christophersen
Layout by Exodus Studio


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