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Sidereus Nuncius


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Les Acteurs De l'Ombre Productions Together with this wild desire for freedom, independence, and complete rejection of anything that could reduce man to slavery, more and more the band profoundly rejects its human roots, as witnessed by the substitution of the band members’ names for a simple letter, because only music and disobedience count. Favorite track: Heimarménè.
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mourner A little less majestic than the previous albums but therefor this great album provides more depth and a wider range, more atmosphere and more aggression. And by far the best guitar and drum work Hegemon offered until now. Riffs upon riffs upon riffs 🤘
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varth I listen to Hegemon since their first album, waaay back when I was young.
Although they are all different sounding, they are all great. This band always manage to make something new, while keeping its own identity. Thanks guys!
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Heimarménè 05:09
Stalking the land from the dawn Searching for heavens to the dusk Questioning our destiny Wondering why we are so sinful As we’ve been told since we are born. Why ? Must we be submitted ? To the rules of gods we don’t belong to There is no curse neither remorses That we must endure through existence. Searching for truth should be our sole quest. All ! All these fake preachers despised our goals ! And it’s always been the same… The begging for our pain. Threatening the few desiring something new. And it’s always been the same, the same… And it’s always been the same… The beginning of the end. Drop all that chains ! It will be coming… Not like they thought… Through… Nothing to be praised from their stinking lips but behold the primal lightbringer, here he is… Schammasch ! Schammasch ! Schammasch ! Erase their rules ! Seeing ! God is not the Truth, but Whispers in the dark. Dark ! Heimarménè is The answer, not a solution.
An ever flowing stream of hatred, stream of anguish, That will never cease to flow… Thus, Sidereus Nuncius shall be the whole of the book. A weapon against corruptors that will have to pay one day or an other. The shape of all fears in my nightmares, feeds my anger, For I see clearly… We’re reaching our end in the flames of our self destruction That will just release our pain. Did the abyss call my name ? To dry the last drop of my consciousness ? But to die won’t be my shelter for the seeds of darkness remain. We have slain, we will pay, there is no savior, no virtue… They’ve left us in pain… Dare…Say my name ! Say my name… I’ll fill your tombs. In the empty corridors of your wrecked knowledge, I try to seek how to avoid my twisted fate, I rise to see there is no sacrifice. Far too late to feel regrets, Step aside from the coming end. They left us all… They sold our soul… Feel the stench that flows… Feel the stench…Of dismay. Feel the stench…Feel… the stench of our pathetic reign Mellonta Tauta… Mist and gloom. There is no soul that I worship, There is no power to enslave me. Things are ending the way we create them…
Despise the setting sun… Is something we have done. Seeking the core of our own deep conscience Is imprinted deeply under our skin. Crushing the lies to reclaim what is our crown… Kept hidden. Creating this universe, darkness, fear and agony. That ‘’Satan’’ is on our way Is the strongest trap they formed To dominate, to spill the blood, Chaining our spirit, free, in bliss only. In bliss only. The flesh, the sin, the skin, the flesh… They’ve obliterated our symbols of creation. All that exists comes from our thoughts, not from religious viruses… Wandering through dimensions entwined, never to understand, nothing begins and nothing ends… Seeking… Seeking… Seeking… Finding… Finding…Killing…Killing ! In this realm of pain and agony The strange fear we fill of questioning what’s real Leaving our skin All that surrounds us is illusion ! Time is the only real conception. We create when we are not enslaved, thus we reach Divinity We have ridden the serpent, the world’s dark spine. It is us that can break this enshrouded circle. We are no flesh, no spirit, no nothing and we should be aware we reach nothingness. The Serpent ! World’s dark spine ! In this realm of lies and tyranny We seek to find deeply The origine of what’s wrong. The key to the ultimate secret will lead to the final extinction for Man…
Reclaim the universe ! Dark lands of cosmic birth. Unveiling the shroud on that deep curse, Unbearable truth that we might search. We follow a long road on which… All fear to tread, Walking backward to the core, a forgotten way from which he shall rise. Revealed to the universe, Lying in wait for hate to burst the starting flame of his eternal pulse, The puryfying fire that will quench our thirst. Anger and rage, our thirst for extinction Violence, despair and the spreading of blood, Thinking darkness are in our hands, But He shall rise, and lives again ! Oh yes ! He lives again ! We don’t even praise this Lord of Chaos, we are unsane He doesn’t need us to be faithful Nothing gained, nothing lost. We just crawl as we have been taught. Our world is lost. This fucking world is lost… Praise for Thee, God buried underneath. Praise for Thee to whom we give our souls. « Praise for me ! You filthy dirty slaves. Praise for me ! Summon me from my depths… » He rises from its dreams, From the primeval chaos we need. They pretend we are insane but in this world we still remain… They would like us to stay ignorant, blind to the frontier between insanity and unsanity…
Waiting to absorb the light, Feasting upon your souls that crie. Lurking at the gates, to the fractal dimension of our mind, It would wait for us to fall, to be lured by the lie And drag us in its « sky » To enslave us into oblivion. Behold cosmic shape shifter struggling as the seed of chaos, Destroying the world to create a new born Time. We should be lead by the void, The spaces in between the stars… We were warned by the Stargazers of the flames of Alpha Crucis. Will we reach Tjukurpa ? « De Rex Infernus » as created from flesh, has collapsed and failed, failed… And has left us as orphans. He should have gave light only to more lost souls, The strengthening Fire ! He will let burn in all my soul… He would have brace… Dharramaalan… Drowning the Light to the darkest pits is another way to resist, to refuse ! Strengthening Fire ! Strengthening blood ! Flowing through cosmos, erasing the curse Sent upon us by false messiah, The idea that we are just sinners, To be slaves is just what we are worth ! We come to slay all the preachers of the fake. We come to slay, for we overcome our fate. Well, we crossed human history many times without being seen. We inject the poison ! That will set free all those who want to see… Orion… See… Searching a reason why we are so blind…Maybe because we were taught to follow light, We should have… Drowned far into the universe. We failed as purveyors of doubt… We sold ourselves to the Lies, but we are no one… Farewell to « Him » who made us weak. The seeds of rebellion is sawn, and despite all « His » might, « He » will never… The soul of a million sons, and you will never find it ! Free at last, for grace is just a mirror Of the strength we’re filled with they called a fault !
Selling our souls to nothing, to above, was the worst of our deeds. Now we’re trapped inside space and time… inside our head… Waiting from above a sign of mercy Fleeing from below the end of our dreams, Seeking a path that is right… but unreachable There is no wait to reach out our fate, craving and yearning to die. Hear that sound, I want you to yell at dawn, My « Lord »… Oh ! Tearing the sun away ! Shattering the stronghold we all live in, Leave out this world searching a way… Ad Astra Per Obscura noster fatum est ! Smashing the light ! with violence Darkness…Are what we’re made of, from the atom to constellations… Oh no… here is the gate… Through which the symbols of our weakness comes… Her Majesty. ERESHKIGAL ! ERESHKIGAL ! Never let us know, no… Ita nostra fatum est ! We live in blood and fight but « God » knows that there is more than « His » universe… Thresholds we have to cross to transcend our pityful existence, Never will they be taught to the human scum vomited by religions… We’re born from the stars and not been given birth by a piece of clay, A earthly artifact that has no sense. Stellar upheaval is now at our hands, We should enthrone ourselves in nothingness. Interstellar space is what we reclaim, Nothing but the void awaits us down here at the end. We are no one…
The foundations of our beliefs are based upon the lie that makes us think we are everything… We are born from nothingness and we’ll reach for it again When it is time to unveil the curtain… Alienate to extermination from deep inside the center of galaxies, From the heart we live for termination, a kind of parasite Born to feast upon light. What we know is a futile part of the « blessing » that makes us great. From deep inside we know where we come from… What we know is just an illusion And deep inside we come from oblivion. What we are is nothing but deception, Barely a specie that should be left to die. We’re a virus only made to enhance the pain Certainly we all call for desaster, a disease spread by our thoughts and words Hear the name of the tool of destruction : Humankind ! Is the greatest Lie ! Ho, Black Sun, await ! To swallow our fate. It will never be the same, crushing this world. Hope is lost, we are insane. Time is our flesh entombed, We are born from black hole womb. It will never be the same… There is no way we cross the threshold. Cease ! The Sun ! The black hole is our pride. Destroy ! Destroy ! Destruction is all we have. We will leave… Will we ascend ?
Consuming your will in heresy, Taking for granted that you’re nothing. Blowing in burst your craving for liberty, I curse you to agony. You live as scum in the sewers Of this kingdom you believe in. I created Sin to make you feeling guilty, Faces in the dark waiting for Me. Revolt is your only hope, But I will never let you go. Dreaming is the only gift for thee. Yearning is the most you can afford. I let you think that I am here for thee But to the tomb you are but dommed. Your suffering is my pillars… Djurkurta ! Djurkurta ! Djurkurta ! Below the Universe I have no fear at all. Delightfully taking pleasure in watching you dying for nothing. Hear me calling at your name. Giving you hope, giving you scars. There’s no return, there’s no revenge. Only a cruel world that will leave you insane… Greed that tears your desires, Wandering in eternal Lie. In eternal Lie. Ravage them ! Fist the ‘’truth’’ ! I am only God, I am only You !


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A little bit of history…

HEGEMON came to life in the winter of 1996 with one and only goal: to create music full of rage coming from the deepest part of each of its founding members, A, N and F. The birth of the band never followed a plan nor had any great expectations. As years went by other shadows came in and out of the band, leaving their mark only momentarily. AD and D were the last souls to slip into the den to call it home and to form a strong, determined, united front that nothing nor anyone could ever break.
Several albums were released, enabling the band to assert its music and to forge its identity regardless of trends, conventions, and outside expectations. HEGEMON simply plays the Black Metal that burns in its soul with sincerity, honesty and integrity, never having claimed to be trailblazers, the group’s only creed. Together with this wild desire for freedom, independence, and complete rejection of anything that could reduce man to slavery, more and more the band profoundly rejects its human roots, as witnessed by the substitution of the band members’ names for a simple letter, because only music and disobedience count.

We are nothing, we don’t learn from the past, and it will be this way until the end…

After making 2 albums with underground labels (Sacral Prods and Dysphorie Records), HEGEMON reached a milestone by releasing two albums through Season Of Mist.

Then came 2020, when Les Acteurs de l’Ombre offered the band an opportunity to release its 5th album entitled «Sidereus Nuncius », thus shifting from mist to shadow, still closer to the limbo where it thrives…

Oculos habent Et Non Videbunt…


released October 8, 2021

N – Vocals
F – Guitars
A – Bass
AD – Drums
D – Guitars

Recorded, mixed and mastered at WSL Studio by Pat GUIRAUD

Artwork by David THIÉRRÉE

1997 – Rape The Banner Of Light (Demo, tape)
1998 – Still Raping After All these Years (Demo, tape)
2000 – Chaos Suprême (Full-length, CD)
2002 – By This, I Conquer (Full-length, CD)
2007 – Nêreb Ersetim (Demo, MCD)
2008 – Contemptus Mundi (Full-length, CD)
2015 – The Hierarch (Full-length, CD+K7+LP)
2017 – Initium Belli (EP, MCD)
2020 – Hegemon/Nature Morte (Split, LP)


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