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The Greater Evil


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So this is our attempt in accepting a legacy  The wealth of recent prosperous years  Freedom in various forms we grown used to In numbing decadence some call for revolution A revolution not in sense of restoration of freedom But in a harsh limitation to strengthen their own might To trade chaos against stability Put corruption instead of integrity Fill minds with fear and hatred And to deconstruct an establishment Eroding integrity until it seems feasible again  To come up with dismal thoughts  Utter them unabashedly Or even put them into practice  Making atrocities great again They demand sacrifices for the greater evil While considering themselves too good to take a part Therefor new adversaries are readily to hand New scapegoats singled out as the cause for the trouble  Frustrated by their own despair  Radicalized by prejudice and lies It seems simple to project the own problems onto the weak Making them feel unworthy and overburdened by gilt
Those 07:35
Ignore the facts  Spread the fakes In small doses  Easily to accept Forming truth and lies Within your small world The strong opinion of weak intellect Without reason  But vociferous It's only heresy they spit Sparked in the hearts of the ignorant Willful and unaware Or in self-deception all along If you know nothing you will fall for any lie It is not the voice of the majority Yet they tend to speak for us all Even though they are profoundly wrong They convince the narrow-minded Vox populi  Vox idiocy Ultima irratio   The less I know the more convinced I am The louder I proclaim the more people will follow The more who support the more convinced I am The loudest idea becomes an approved concept   Vox populi   Vox idiocy Ultima irratio  Risen from the valley of ignorance  Enlisted as a mindless minion I climbed, I conquered mount stupid To withhold the law of the dumb Decapitate the tinfoil hats  With the sharpness of the truth Let it be known that they were wrong all along
Open Wound 07:08
"Neverending fire" Haunted and driven by doubt. Silent ever growing wound. Festering. No pain no conscience. Only darkness. Numb. No remorse. Done is done for life. For love. This is the price. The price for truth. Don’t look back. Don’t look to me for answers. Look within. Dig deeper ever deeper Inside the wound. Deeper inside the wound. I search for truth in a sea of sin. Only to be judged by lesser men. Temptation rising. It’s getting stronger. Give in to it: The power of a bleeding heart. Relentless pulse, pushing down. Unforgiving. The end approaching. There are no answers. There is no meaning. Become the darkness and turn into the light. A festering wound. Feed the flame. The burning truth. My soul ascending. We are all dead in a world without purpose. Can’t you feel it tearing you limb by limb? Move on through beyond and above and turn towards the light. Light is fading as I dig deeper. Descending (into the) eternal abyss. (I) Light the flame and feel the wound. Light the flame and feel the wound. Become the darkness and walk into the light Become the darkness and walk into the light We are all dead in a world without purpose. Can’t you feel it? Temptation rising. It’s getting stronger. Digging deeper. A bleeding heart!
To face the problems of our reality We should start fighting status quo But the prevailing opinion Is to abide one's time We better uphold the illusion That there are no consequences No dilemma  And no conflicts in our lives All the thinking about solutions Is impossible for the mind And changing well-loved habits Only proves to be too radical  No one wants to feel remorse It's so much easier to rejoice And with power comes the luxury to reject For ignorance is bliss    We can't have contemptuous blathering About what's to be done We can't admit mental incompetence For we can't stand any frailty In our delusion of grandeur we think our system is too big to fail We just close our eyes to the abysmal truths   We are living up to high standards And dying to our expectations   To who do we repent when the end is hand Are we not the gods who fucked it up So we armour ourselves in pride And in ignorance we will stride The downfall is inevitable We are extinction’s advocates Is it wise to fight for survival When the world is better off without us   We proclaim the fall of mankind we are extinction’s advocates
A radically selfish species man is Proven to be the mightiest for now But only a fragment of a great diversity Yet so marginal to life itself But can we prosper without all the others Who are cleaning and rejuvenating the environment And being food and processor of untamed lands Those lesser creatures evenly developed And in their own kind and behavior More advanced in comparison In surviving and processing than man  The macrocosm wouldn't survive without diversity If a thousand species would die out The net of life on earth would be diluted  On which even mankind itself depends Conditioned by its biological nature Ultimately mankind is the result Of a long lasting cross-species collaboration  The claim to superiority appears to be  Inept, presumptuous (and) insignificant  Will we reach the age of reason Before we have burned down our very own home Life on earth will continue without us   Oblivious to our own survival
Sympathy - compassion So much valued by the rightful and just Is the foundation of every morality Only if it won’t be pleaded for Else it is just another shape of scorn  Built on the backs of the suffering majority  Or once taken from them by force Taken by us the privileged ones Accustomed to a history of opulence We can not tolerate their longing For they must not claim what is unrightfully ours  And so we readily accuse the deprived  Of taking from us A man is only a man And every man for himself   The sanctity of life we vow to protect With no other solutions than fences and walls   To uphold sustainable slavery on which Our sovereignty depends on Mercy for the mighty Misery for the poor  An exploited majority For the well-being of the few Sympathy for the oppressor Disgust for the abused Hiding behind the walls of angst Protected in our fortress of fear Entrapped in the prisons of greed To dismiss an opportunity of empathy Grub first, then morals   Red lines drawn are red lines crossed If you finally manage to compete the waves We gladly push you back into the ocean 
No Escape 07:16
Day on and off It’s just the same old struggle Too craven to face one's own problems Ever so often One tries to escape Just then to be pulled back into reality The futile excuses one makes To pretend integrity out of self-protection Decomposing in a disgust of despondency   Hostage of self-incurred immaturity Decadence a monument of arrogance Nihilistic fatalism A natural born categorical pessimist  No solace  No hope No escape There can not be a right life  Amidst wrongs Everything is going south anyway But I am inclined not to follow  As the gap between good will and malevolence increases I am terrified to put one foot in front of the other Lest I fall through the floor  But those who do not move do not notice their chains


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ColdCell was founded in 2012 in Basel Switzerland and released its first album “GenerationAbomination” in the following year. ColdCell is rooted in the Swiss underground black metalscene and has always been eager to put up dark and atmospheric live shows. With a delayof two years each ColdCell later released the successors “Lowlife” in 2015 and “Those” in2017 - each progressing and deepening ColdCell’s impression of the dark, eerie andextreme. Throughout the years only minor changes in the original lineup occurred.ColdCell’s latest album “The Greater Evil” is due to be released by “LES ACTEURS DEL'OMBRE PRODUCTIONS” in 2021 and is yet another step descending into sonic abyss.


released April 23, 2021

Artwork and design by Marcel Szerdahelyi and Pascal Brun


all rights reserved



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